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In May 2009 I exhibited hats and headpieces at The Crafts Gallery in Linköping. The photographs above represent some of them, a collection I called Bloomiami. Lotta Ahlvar of the Swedish Fashion Council spoke at the opening of the exhibition, which was on display during the full month.

For the collection Bloomiami I have found inspiration in a variety of things, all mixed into my personal interpretation. I have fused the Bloomsbury group with the Japanese art of origami and the cartoon character Minnie Mouse. The mood of my designs is based on an idea of these 1920´s intellectuals as a colour palette and resembles to some extent the typical silhouette of the era. Through Japanese culture I was motivated to look at geishas, and in particular, their special hair ornaments. I also interpreted the famous woodblock print “The Great Wave” by Katsushika Hokusai into a wearable creation. In order to make the collection more playful and fun I tried to keep the charming appearance of Minnie Mouse in mind.

To visualise the mixture of these different styles I also chose to use the materials in an unconventional way. Traditionally straw and felt belong to different seasons. But in Bloomiami I wanted to break this tradition and actually combined the two. I also used paper, an unusual material for millinery, of which I made a sculptural form on an Alice band.

Special thanks to photographer Helén Karlsson, stylist Annika Nordström, Mia Högfledt for hair and make-up and Greta at Stockholmsgruppen.
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