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milliner emelie ovesdotter

I have gathered sound knowledge within the fields of art, design and crafts through several years of education in Sweden and the UK. At London College of Fashion, from where I have a successful bachelor degree, I learnt both traditional and experimental millinery techniques.
I believe that fine craftsmanship can not be compromised, neither can prominent design.

As a designer-maker I am most dedicated to maintain a high quality of standard. Deriving from this passion together with an exciting collection of vintage fabrics and trimmings I create hats and headpieces for every occasion. Combining old and new materials contributes further to the individual characteristics of my hats.

It was the sculptural aspect of millinery that attracted me to the profession. I enjoy the prospect of design development through creating life-size three-dimensional form. I am inspired by anything and everything and have a well-respected reputation by fashion stylists and designers in Sweden.

PHOTO: Helen Karlsson
Emelie Ovesdotter
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